Flight Education

Flight training will develop your personality in an absolutely unique way. It educates to efficiently combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills, stay focused in stressful situations, communicate and navigate as well as balance consciousness not only in flight, but in any other activity. It also offers a completely different perspective of the world and an infinite freedom of flying through the boundless skies which so many people dream about.

Flying is very diverse, it may bring you so many interesting opportunities and benefits. It is Fun by definition, as you may just poke holes in the sky around your local airfield or fly to the beach for the weekend. You can also go pro, by starting your aviation education at our school and continuing at an ATO for raising your qualifications and mastering your skills. Or, you can even learn to fly and develop an aeronautical department in your company for corporate needs, this will definitely impress your partners!

Depending on your purposes, you may have the following options:


We, at AOPA Moldova, provide flight training for Private Pilot and Ultralight Motorized Pilot Licenses according to JAR-FCL and national requirements. Our highest priority is to provide a safe flying environment to all student pilots and create professional, safety conscious flight crew members who will fly effectively and be enough qualified for the challenges of flying all around the world.


However, flying does not stop on the categories mentioned above, you may train and receive additional ratings and endorsements for flying different types of aircraft in different meteorological conditions.


For example, you may pursue to receiving an additional aircraft class rating, such as the usual Single-Engine Land or Sea rating, or Multi-Engine after buying one such aircraft. For receiving SEP class ratings, there are no minimum requirements, just being signed off by an instructor for being proficient in flying these aircraft, however, for a MEP rating, according to FCL.720(a), an applicant shall have completed at least 70 hours as PIC on airplanes.

Brussels Aviation School - Night FlightRE

There is also the Night Rating (NR) for flying VFR during the night, which is a completely different perspective on flying, and may broaden your flying opportunities for personal needs.


A Tailwheel Aircraft endorsement is required because flying such aircraft is a little bit trickier than the conventional tricycle geared ones and requires mastering some maneuvering skills.


And yes, you can soar through the skies without anything to power up your flight by receiving a glider certificate which is utterly amazing, making each flight an unforgettable experience.

Start your education

To motivate you to begin your flight experience, we may offer introductory flights for you, to help you become familiarized with the air before you begin your training. After you finally decide to start learning to fly, you will be required to pass the 2-nd Class Medical Examination, fly through the theoretical and practical lessons and pass your knowledge examinations, and receive your desired Pilot Certificate!

Experience flight — you will love it!